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Information for the Stand Builders

Stand construction in Russia is not as straightforward as it is in Europe and USA.


Fire Protection Measures




First of all, stand builders have to apply for and receive an approval from the venue for the construction of the stand. Depending on the venue and complexity of the stand this approval will cost from EUR5 to EUR20 per square meter. The documents that the stand builders are required to submit to the venue to obtain this approval include:

  • A POA from the exhibitor for the construction of their stand.

  • A detailed design of the stand (plan, elevations, 3D drawing).

  • Safety certificates for the materials used.

  • The list of workers.

  • The license for construction and design works (or an ISO certificate).

  • If the stand is two-storied, then there has to be a special license that allows construction of two-storied stands and a certificate for the system that is used to construct the second stand together with the engineering calculations proving the reliability of the second floor.


1) Russian venues accept ONLY standard second storey construction kit manufactured by Octanorm and other exhibition system manufacturers.

2) The electricians have to be able to confirm their qualifications to work with high voltage systems; the qualification certificates have to be recent.

All of the above documents have to be translated to Russian.
It goes without saying that if any of the above documents are missing or are not translated properly or are in a format that is different from what the venue expects, then the issue becomes complicated and may involve extra payments on-site (not necessarily bribes, but extra translations, on-site calculations of the safety of the second floor of the stand etc).

Fire Protection Measures

Second the construction company has to pay for fire protection impregnation of fire hazardous materials (including carpet, wooden and chipboard panels, etc). The fees are nominal, but are still adding to the above approval fee.


The last stage is the most tricky one: stands built at the Russian venues have to be “self sufficient”: they have to have own electric wiring system with a fuse box, if the water is used then the stands must feature own sink/dishwasher/e.t.c. The venue ONLY provides the mains connector (32A or 64A); the cable from the fuse box to the mains has to be provided by the stand builder also.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: all connections on the stand have to be plug/socket or connector/connector type. ABSOLUTELY NO twisted joints or terminal strips are allowed.

Unlike many European venues, Russian venues DO NOT provide services of the electricians. Instead they rely on the stand builder electricians and before actually connecting the stand to the mains they check the credentials of the electricians that install the electric system on the stand and run some tests. This is done to set the “responsibility boundaries”: what happens on the stand before, during and after the show is none of the venue’s responsibility. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and his contractor.

The same is true with the water connections: the venue provides only the pipes up to the specified point on the stand; the builder has to provide the sink/dishwasher and connect it to the pipes. If the connection breaks – the venue bears no responsibility for the damages.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: you have to request the venue’s plumber to provide the pipes on the first day of the build-up.

How can we help?

We are the "turn-key" service agency: we have our own stand construction facility complete with graphics production unit: we can print up to 1440 dpi on self-adhesive film and vinyl banner. We can produce vinyl cut-outs and 3D letters.

Sample 01   Sample 02   Sample 03   Sample 04   Sample 05  

Send us the design and we will produce your stand here exactly to your specifications.

Not sure what materials are available in Russia to build your stand? Send us the concept drawing and we will produce a design based on your concept utilizing locally available materials and based on our expertise.

Why pay for the temporary import and export of all of your stands, when you can send only the items not available here, for example, branded furniture or custom-made elements that are used at every show? Why risk damaging expensive plasmas when they can be rented here?

You can also save your costs by sending only the project manager and the foreman to the show. The foreman will supervise the works and the project manager will meet the customer at the stand when it is finished.

We can arrange budget accommodations for your crew: you do not need to stay at the same hotel with all of the exhibitors: those hotels are usually high-end and expensive. We can get you a decent 3 star hotel close to the venue or arrange a taxi service every day for you to travel to and from the hotel. We do the work, you do the pleasure.

With any inquiry you can reach us by phone:

UK, GMT+0:00: +44 (0)20 8144 5996
Moscow, GMT+3:00: +7 495 628 7442
On-site, GMT+3:00: +7 926 659 6996

or send us an e-mail message to:

Our Moscow office: 109012, Nikolskaya ulitsa, 17/2

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