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Welcome! You have reached this page most probably because you are thinking about participating in a trade show in Russia. The Russian economy is huge and depends on imported products in many areas; a strong Ruble makes imported goods attractive to the Russian buyers. Russian industry is still weak in certain areas. The government, local businesses and foreign investors are making plans to establish new local production facilities, for which they will have to import materials, technologies and machinery.

What will be the best way for you to kill two birds with one stone – as we Russians say "See the world and show the world what you have got?" We strongly believe that trade shows are the tools of choice in making the first entry into the market, as they not only allow one to introduce his or her company and products but also to get acquainted with what the local market is expecting; what the competitors have to offer and how the public reacts to these offers.

However there are a lot of serious considerations to be taken:

Is the show you have chosen even right for you?
We believe that the best show is not the one where your competitors go, but the one which will be attended by your clients. For example, if your company is producing and marketing domestic weight and fat analyzers, why go to the medical equipment show? All of your customers will likely attend a fitness convention or a sports goods trade show. Also the single foreign participant at a small but very specialized exhibition will become a "great conversation piece" while the same participant may get not noticed in a large international fair. You have the right to a second opinion: do not believe everything the trade show salesman is telling you.
Do you want to know more about the show you are interested in? Do you want to know about other exhibitions covering the same industry? Send us an e-mail and we will be happy to provide you with a free reference about the show you are interested in as well as a list of other options you should probably consider looking into.

How should you participate?
We always recommend attending the show you want to participate in as the visitors first. Even if the "standard" equipped booth provided by the organizer is relatively cheap, the necessity to man it especially during the peak hours will limit your abilities to roam the show, get acquainted with the venue itself, its participants and guests. Always visit the show first, especially if you are planning to invest money in a beautiful bespoke stand later: you have to know yourself which hall and even which aisle will be better to locate your booth in.
Once you decide to make arrangements for your own stand at the show, there are more points to consider. You can pick an equipped "standard" booth, you can go with the "national pavilion", you can order design and construction of your own unique bespoke stand. Each of the above have their own advantages and disadvantages: the "standard" stands are cheap, but unexciting; "national pavilions" have a distinctive design and are usually well positioned in the show, but again, there is a risk to be just one of the many exhibitors that nobody noticed.
The best but most expensive option is to build your own custom booth and strategically position it at the show. We encourage you to cheat: a "runaway" booth of a nail manufacturing company will be more successful if it is placed next to the roofing tiles producers than when it is just one of the many stands in the hardware section of the show.

Portable Displays
If you have your own portable stand that you use at other shows (a modular kit, a d400, a fabric pop-up, a Nomadic etc.) you can use it, but we strongly recommend you to arrange for a stripped-down "standard" (shell scheme) stand with carpet, walls and plug sockets to be provided by the organizer for you. If you order a space only stand, you will have to go through an approval process for the construction of a bespoke stand. While the permission will most probably be granted for free (though you will be required to provide certificates of safety from the producer of the stand), you will NOT get any carpet on the floor (and if you bring your own you will be required to impregnate it to ensure fire safety) and you will NOT get any electricity. Russian venues do not provide simple sockets, only 32A or 64A connectors for the fuse boxes. Electricity can be connected only by a certified electrician, who provides a fuse-box for the stand and wiring on the stand. If you order a stripped-down standard stand, you will get walls, carpet and standard 220V power sockets.

How can we help?

Stand Design and Construction
Do you have your own design? Send us an e-mail with the drawings and we will tell you how much it will cost to reproduce it in the show of your choice.
Did you like some stand at a different show? Send us an e-mail with the photo of the stand and we will respond with a quotation.
You want to have your bespoke stand, but still aren’t sure what you want on your booth? Send us an e-mail with your brand book, list of requirements and the approximate budget and we will reply with the design and a proposal.

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Our success stories include stands at such prestigious shows as Millionaire Fair Moscow, World Food, Prodexpo, Mosbuild, Moscow International Motor Show, MITT; we designed and built group stands for Italian and Pakistan companies, our managers have experience organizing technical coordination for USDA pavilion and VisitBritain group stands: let us collect all the logos and separate orders for furniture and equipment from your participants.

If you decide to go with a "standard" equipped booth, it is important that you consider decorating your walls with posters that attract the visitors to your products and make your booth stand out in the line of similar looking "shell scheme" stands.
Do you have your own designed posters? It is absolutely important that the Russian visitors understand what is written on the walls of your stand. We can translate your posters to Russian, print them and even apply them to the walls of your booth. We can design the posters specially for the walls of your booth, produce them and deliver to the show.
Do you want to use the posters after the show? We can design and manufacture stand-alone roll-up posters on durable vinyl – and we print up to REAL 1440dpi images on them!

Audio and Video
From one or two plasma panles to large video walls and projectors, theatrical lights and sound - we have got it all.
Do you plan a conference? We have got two hundred laptop PCs and network ing equipment to satisfy the needs of a small to a large conference.
Do you need professional lights and sound at your booth, or are you launching your new product? We can provide complex solutions using the equipment of world-renowned makers, such as Mackie, JBL, Shure and others.

Printed Matters
Unfortunately many of our foreign customers make a mistake of bringing brochures and catalogues only in their native language to Russian shows. It is absolutely imperative that the visitors to your stand leave with a leaflet or a brochure in their native language. We can design the brochures and leaflets ourselves and print them in our own printing house. Our clients include VisitBritain, British Council, UKVisas, French perfume and cosmetics manufacturer, Austrian pharmaceutical company and many others.

We can make both inexpensive and "luxury" gifts and souvenirs with your logos. An excellent giveaway is a plastic bag with the logo of your company and the number and location of your stand in the show: visitors to Russian trade shows often collect a lot of printed matters and really appreciate it if they can get a bag to carry all those assorted brochures and leaflets. Make a funny colorful bag (for example, an "IP Packet" by AVAYA: Russian "packet" means "bag") and the visitors will be looking for your stand at the show to get their own copy.
Are you planning to ship all your stand decorations and giveaways to the show? Why pay a lot of money to the official forwarder – who is the only company that is authorized to deliver goods to the show – and risk non-delivery (delay at the customs, bad weather, anything)? Let us manufacture all of them here and deliver to your stand.

Temporary Staff
We will hire highly trained interpreters and stand attendants to help you with your presentations at the exhibitions.

Product Launch
Are you looking to further promote your products in the Russian market after the show? We can help you with adjusting your advertising campaign to be used in Russia or can create unique advertising products. An excellent idea is to advertisie your presence at the show - we can design, produce and place banners and other visuals in the streets around the venue or in the venue itself.
Office Launch
Planning to open your office? We have teamed up with one of the best business consultancies in Moscow operating for over 10 years. From visas and work permits to full accountanting services - this is what we can offer you until you open your own office and hire your own staff.

With any inquiry you can reach us by phone:

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Moscow, GMT+3:00: +7 495 628 7442
On-site, GMT+3:00: +7 926 659 6996

or send us an e-mail message to:

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